Best Hair Dryer For Thick Hair – Guide & Reviews

A hair dryer is unnecessary when it doesn't come to any hair care. But it could be impressive when it can dry hair properly as well as can contribute to hair care as become as an important accessory. However it plays a vital role whether you have nice and it makes them more shiny and attractive. Thick hair is always more sensitive than curly hair even it require more powerful hair dryer. However you should find the best hair dryer for thick hair that can dry your hair and make them more shiny and silky.

Whether you have thick hair you should find a dryer which has extra volume of power because hair is one of the most sensitive part of human body. In order to choice the dryer for thick hair, you should not compromise for dryer ability or purchasing amount.

Among lot of brands, models and features it is too difficult to know which dryer is perfect. So you should spend some hours on analysis, research and compare to find the right one. Fortunately some guidelines from experts and they opinions can show you the way that how to choice a hair dryer for thick hair.

Things To Consider Before Selecting Best Hair Dryer For Thick Hair

We already talked that our hair is very sensitive, it is important to put attention whether you choice a hair dryer for thick hair. Although it is a complicated decision due to many options and alternatives. However our beauty experts team make this clear to you. Here are some tips authorized by beauty experts that will help to choice a good hair dryer for thick hair.

Hitting Ability

Thick hair always require higher level of hitting power to dry. Whether your hair dryer has high volume of hitting capacity as well as air spray capacity can ca dry your hair within shortest time and give release your hair from unwanted damage. However to get silky and shiny hair you should choice a dryer which has extra hitting power.

Best Hair Dryer For Thick Hair

Temperature Control

All the people don't have same hair quality even they don't have same ability to tolerate temperature. However it would be better if you think hair dryer has multiple levels of temperature control then you can choice as per you need.

Coolshot Option

Coolshot option is one of the latest features with thick hair dryer. Usually coolshot works to control temperature from hot to cool or cool to hot instantly. A cool combination after hitting your hair bring stylish look. Whether your thick hair dryer has options to change temperature levels on time then you can change your hair style what you want.

Tourmaline Technology

It one of the unique features of hair dryer, whether you like to bring your hair a smooth and stylish look, this type of dryer would be best choice. The most significant advantage of the technology is it can spray air everywhere even deep of your hair that can make your hair dry everywhere.

Noise Level

Nobody likes a hair dryer which make noise loudly even it can be cause to disturbing others. However if you like a hair dryer which is quite then you should select a dryer which maintains by AC motor. Although still many people use D.C. Voltage dryer.


Weight is another considerable features whether you are planning to buy a thick hair dryer, sometimes you will be need to carry while you are traveling somewhere. Eventually it is difficult and horrible to hold a dryer on hands if it is very heavy. During selecting the best hair dryer for thick hair, you should select which has lightweight size and weight.

Recommended Best Hair Dryer For Thick Hair

We have discussed about hair dryers for thick hair and their considerable features. If you follow the given instructions and choice a right dryer that will be great. However here are our hair experts authorized best thick hair dryer, you can choose from here.

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

Editor's Rating:

Thick hair are only good until you go to the barber or when you dry your hair after shower. The mess is real.

Thick hair take a lot of time to dry up and finding the best hair dryer for thick hair is one big task. BaByliss Pro has designed a hair dryer exactly for your hair type.

The powerful motor reduces the drying time and give you a quick stylish finish. Another significant advantage of the hair dryer is it reduce your time to work fast.

Special Features:

The power this hair dryer has got is beyond explanation. It has a motor of 2000Watt, that dry up your hair quickly and also prevents the hair damage because of its far-infrared heat technology.


  • Work faster than others
  • High quality motor
  • Infrared heat technology
  • Reduce Hair damage
  • Long-life motor with 6 speed
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning


  • Not Perfect for Professional use

Other Features:

  • It has 6 heat settings, that gives your hair volume of your choice.
  • Such sleek design is usually hard to get as it is fairly easy to clean because of its perfectly engineered design.
  • It also comes with one attachment. A nozzle that maximizes your options of perfect styling.
BIO IONIC 10x Ultralight Speed Dryer

Editor's Rating:

To get the perfect electronic device for thick hair is rare even somewhere it is quiet impossible.

There is always something that is missing, and truth is, the missing thing is what, you always need from a device.

Bio Ionic 10x Hair dryer is not only lightweight, as the name indicates, but it also high speed dryer, that reduces the drying process to almost nothing.

Special Features:

It has an eco-driven motor, something you only got in cars recently. The best feature of this motor is the fastness you get from it. The drying time is as low as 10 minutes.


  • Save drying time up to 10x
  • High quality body construction
  • Natural volcanic rock minerals infused
  • Lightweight design
  • Drive tiny water molecules deep into hair
  • High speed spinner


  • You need additional plug other than USA

Other Features:

  • Moisture is trapped by this eco-driven hair dryer, and you get perfect shine and even balance in return.
  • It has 3 heat setting slide switch and one cool shot to get the desired style.
  • It comes with one attachment and a packing case.
  • The bio Ionic Lux pro technology causes the moisture to evaporate quickly
BIO IONIC Powerlight

Editor's Rating:

Gripping is considered as the toughest part, whether it’s the situations in your life, or its your hair dryer.

Bio Ionic couldn’t do anything about gripping the situations, but it certainly provided the perfect grip for best thick hair dryers.

The Powerlight pro is extremely light weight and full feature dryer, that can take care of your hair like it is its own.

Special features:

It is something from the textbook for the professionals as it is extremely lightweight for easy carrying and powerful for quick drying without hair damage.


  • Powerful capability
  • Lightweight design
  • Attractive black color
  • Easy carrying anywhere
  • Powerful airflow
  • Pro styling collection emit


  • Little noisy

Other Features:

  • Getting the hydrated hair is not a problem anymore as its nano beads give your hair perfect shine.
  • It is probably the lightest hair dryer weighing only 1.4-pounds.
  • It comes with 2 attachments; 2 nozzles for unique use and styling.
  • It provides very powerful airflow with its 1875 Watt motor.

Panasonic EH-NA65-K

Editor's Rating:

Our hair are more sensitive than we really think. Every day’s brushing and styling can reduce our life.

We apply different kind of products on our hair and keep damaging them. Panasonic EH-NA65 is not just a hair dryer, it also nourishes the hair and prevents the hair damage.

Typical ionic hair dryers give your hair shine after drying, but Panasonic EH-NA65-K gathers moisture from the surrounding and apply it to your hair while drying, hence give your hair perfect shine and smoothness

Special Feature:

Ponasonic EH-NA65-K has 3 different types of attachment. A quick dry nozzle, a concentrator and a diffuser to ass volume.


  • Multiple speed levels
  • Few additional attachments included
  • Reduce hair damage
  • Draws moisture from the air to gently infuse
  • Attractive color combinations
  • Enhance hair's smoothness and shine


  • Not perfect for Professional use

Other Features:

  • It has 1875 Watt powerful motor.
  • It has 9m chord to give you ease while using.
  • It comes with 2 speed and 3 heat settings.
  • An additional cool shot gives you perfect styling options
BaBylissPRO Nano

Editor's Rating:

If you have thick hair, you will probably know that your hair require the a hair dryer for your thick hair that has a powerful motor.

Something that can reduce the drying time and obviously, gives you option of styling. Nano Titanium dryer is powerful and at the same time, gives you versatility in styling options.

Not only this dual facilities, this one of the remarkable hair dryer which has lot of unique that make it separate from other seemlier  products. 

Special Feature:

It has a combination of power and speed, something that can reveal a number of different styling options for you. This product is best suited for think hair, because thick hair can afford powerful dryers.


  • Lightweight size and weight
  • Perfect combination of speed and power
  • High powered motor
  • Attractive color
  • Works heavy duty


  • Little bit noisy

Other Features:

  • It is extremely light weight, weighing only 1.8-pounds.
  • It has six heat settings. Choose the speed from same number of speed options.
  • The additional cool shot opens further styling options for you.
  • A concentrator nozzle comes as an attachment with this product.
  • It has a complex and powerful design, but it is fairly easy to clean

Final Verdict

Everyone wants to take some extra care of their hair, sometimes this care could be reason to hair loss. However you need to find the best hair dryer for thick hair that can take care of your hair and give you smooth and elegant look.

We have discussed all the facts to choice a excellent thick hair dryer that will guide you to find right hair dryer for you. Whether you are confused due to many options then you should choice our hair treatment experts research team recommended best thick hair dryer.

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