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Solar water heater is one of the recent innovative idea that put effect to cost effectiveness and contribute to energy efficiency. Nowadays it is getting much popularity to use the best solar water heater in office, your home even in industries. Due to its multiple advantages like natural energy, low installation cost and reasonable maintenance expenses it is the first choice for new users.

However, the solar water heating system works through a process to convert energy from the sun to water heating. Although there are many kinds of solar water heaters but they have mainly divided into two types. The most recent and latest solar water heaters are sufficiently different, it works through a process, and it's amazing that it can reserve energy too.

It is great that there are too many solar water heaters are already in the market from different brands and models. Whether you plan to buy the best solar water heater, there will be too many options to you that might make you confused. However, it is important to follow some guidelines that show instructions to find the best.

Things to Consider Before Selecting Best Solar Water Heater

It is important to spend some time on research and analysis before selecting a solar water heater. Although it is one of the hardest tasks to find a right choice due to many options. It is surprising that our experts team already have done research and save half of your valuable time. Here is a guide to finding a perfect solar power water heater.

Size and Capacity

There are many kind of solar water heaters with different sizes and capabilities. Before choosing a solar water heater, it is important to consider require size and capacity. Moreover, the required size depends on how much water you need in a particular time and how will be the temperature levels. You should select which can supply for multiple works together.

Building Codes

Usually, solar water heaters are large in size, some states has particular laws and regulations regarding solar water heater setup. It is important to consider the building capabilities and follow proper building codes whether construction the building.

Solar Water Heater

Sunny Area

Solar power water heater utilize sun energy to convert ability for water heating. It is one of the most important things to consider that the system should set up in a sunny area where the sun available even in winter season. However, to get a maximum advantage, it is the most remarkable this that it should be in the sunniest area.


Setting up a solar power water heater is not only a single time or year. Whether you select the best solar water heater, you should put attention to the heater which has surety or guarantee for your many years. Moreover, only high-quality body materials and configuration can ensure long years durability.

Sun Absorption Ability

Sun absorption is the process to convert sun energy to water heating process. What the water heating ability of a heater depends on of is the capability to absorb sun and transfer as heating power. However, the recommended solar water heater which has sun absorption capacity up to 97%. or more to get maximum benefits.

Recommended Best Solar Water Heater

We just talked about the best solar water heaters some remarkable features that you should consider. You may confuse due to many options in the market. However, to avoid the possibility of a wrong decision, we would suggest our expert recommended water heaters.

30 Tube Duda Solar Water Heater SRCC Certified Hot

Editor's Rating:

Solar energy has provided the perfect alternative for ever searching scientists to our limited energy sources.

It is unlimited and at the same time economical. Appliances are being shifted to solar energy and this is creating a perfect scenario of environmental friendly atmosphere.

30 tube Duda Solar water heater is a perfect choice for your home. It is perfect for lower temperatures as its evacuated solar tubes are more efficient than the flat panel. The tubes are designed with passive tracking ability, that makes it perfect for obtaining maximum sunlight when sun is angled accordingly.

Its other specifications include;

- Maximum flow rate of 5.25 gpm.

- With high hailstone resistance and feasible operating pressure

- With 93- 96% sun absorption ability, this water heater is energy efficient

- With lifespan up to 15 years, Duda solar heater is a long lasting appliance and a complete solution to your water heating worries


  • High level of water flow
  • High absorption ability
  • Obtainin maximum sunlight
  • Feasible operating pressure
  • Long lifespan


  • Costly to setup at beganing

Technical Specifications:

  • Part Number: DS-SC5830
  • Operating Pressure: 87psi
  • Manifold insulation: 45mm 93 Kg/m3
  • Manifold insulation: 45mm 93 Kg/m3
  • SRCC Certified
Rheem RSG75-40BP SolPak Gas Assist Solar

Editor's Rating:

We all believe in facts and stats. It gives us that feeling of reliability. Verbal guarantees are meaningless when it comes to choosing the electronic appliances for our homes.

We all want something that has a guarantee to accompany us for a long time.

Rheem RSG75-40BP solar water heater has all the latest features, which makes it more reliable and realistic option for our water heater choice.

Due to its high quality materials it can assure to use for long years. It has SRCC solar certification that gives you the guarantee that it is designed and engineered on the standards and increase its reliability and high quality features.

It has a backup gas fired energy that makes it a hybrid of solar and gas. In case of more demand, it has the ability to complete your load and give you nonstop hot water. With a huge 75-gallon water tank with two 3 by 8 solar collectors it is a complete solution to your home.

Efficient controller and multi speed pump, along with the closed loop glycol design, gives you a full option water heater in the form of Rheem RSG75-40BP.


  • SRCC solar certified
  •  Backup gas fired energy
  • Large size water tank
  • Dual solar collectors 
  • Closed loop glycol design
  • complete  option heater


  • High initial setup cost 

Technical Specifications:

  • Part Number: RSG75-40BP
  • Weight: 340 pounds
  • Dimensions:26.2 x 26.2 x 60 inches
  • Finish:Black Paint
EZ-37 Solar Water Heater Panel by Heliatos

Editor's Rating:

Usually the solar heaters that are available, are extremely heavy and it makes them very hard to install and makes them very space consuming.

If you have a compact and small place, it gets very hard or you to opt a solar heater.

EZ-37 Solar water heater is not only small in size, but it is also extremely light weight. It can fit perfectly in your house. Usually the light weight appliances are not very durable, but EZ-37 solar water heater is extremely tough and durable.

It is very small in size yet much more efficient than your traditional water heaters. It is just 2 square feet in size. It is very easy to install this solar water heater and just require threading the parts together.

The polycarbonate twin wall material makes its body very tough and literally unbreakable. Its panel frame is made up of aluminum, which is the main reason of its durability and lightweight features.


  • High absorption ability 
  • Lightweight design
  • Small size distentions
  • Easy to install
  • Long durability  


  • Not good for commercial use

Technical Specifications:

  • Part Number: 071.0007
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Dimensions:24 x 24 x 2 inches

15 Tube Duda Solar Water Heater SRCC Certified Hot

Editor's Rating:

Duda is a big name in solar water heater manufacturers and hold a very respected position among its competitors.

It offers a wide range of water heater and makes it really tough for you to choose the one among the best.

Although this solar power water heather has all the latest features and facilities to bring your satisfaction but all depends on your specifications and usage.

The best thing about 15 Tube duda solar water heater is that it gets almost full potentially possible heat from sun. Its wide angle and evacuated tubes makes it way better than the flat panels as evacuated tubes are more efficient in obtaining solar energy.

It has a perfect heat retention and manifold insulation makes it durable. With the sun absorption efficiency up to 96%, it always operates on its best. Its approximate lifespan of 15 years makes it long lasting and ends your water heater problems forever.


  • Fully potential heater
  • High sun absorption ability 
  • Light weight design
  • Perfect heat retention
  • Long lifespan


  • Not good to use in industry

Technical Specifications:

  • Lifespan:70%
  • Sun Absorption Efficiency: 93-96%
  • Max Operating Pressure: 87psi
  • Max Flow Rate: 5.25 gpm
150 Liter Standard Passive Duda Solar Water Heater 

Editor's Rating:

The best product among all the product is the one which is not scattered and is compact.

If the attachments and parts of an appliance are not enclosed together, it is always difficult for the user to install that appliance and to adjust it in the limited space.

Passive Duda solar water heater has attached pressurized tank, which makes it more compact and arranged. It has a huge 150-liter tank that can provide you endless water for your whole house or any other particular areas.

The tank is internally coated with stainless steel that makes it anti corrosive and long lasting. Tank diameter is about 460mm and easily manageable in less space. It has about 96% sun absorption efficiency. It is a very long lasting water heater with about 15 years’ lifespan.

It also has an electric backup element that allows it to work nonstop even in every weather. It is designed for the harshest of climates and perfect to use in the regions where freezing is common.


  • Electric backup element
  • Long lifespan
  • Low space consuming 
  • Perfect for any whether
  • Large tank size


  • Little costly for initial setup

Other Features:

  • Part Number: DS-SH58-15T
  • Sun Absorption Efficiency: 93-96%
  • Vacuum Rating: Less than 5.0 x 10^3 Pa
  • Tank Diameter: 460mm (18.1"),

Final Verdict

​It is an wonderful unique idea to convert sun energy to water heating. Nowadays it is getting huge popularity specially who are making building properly. However, it is not easy to find a perfect solar power water heather because there are too many alternatives in the market which is not good and effective.

To avoid waster of your money and get the best solar water heater you can follow our given instructions that might help you. Still if you are confused then you should not take any risk. You are suggested to choice our expert recommended solar water heater.

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