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Traveling for vacation or business is an usual matter specially who are professionally busy. Whether you are on vacation or business tour, all the necessary items are not on your front. However if you are on a tour, you need to get ready to attend to business meeting or going out with friends. Usually it takes long time to dry your hair after having shower. At this case the best travel hair dryer could be the best solution.

There too many kinds of hair dryers in the market with various models and features even all the dryers are not perfect to carry on your travel time. It is very complicated and confusing decision that which hair dryer will be your best choice.

Whether you are confused, to keep you relax our expert team has made a list of considerable features that you should think while you going to choice the hair dryer for travelling use.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Travel Hair Dryer

You should not choice a travel hair dryer at your first move to a shop because our hairs are very sensitive, a wrong decision can be cause of hair loss. You should spend a while to consider some features that you really need in your travel hair dryer.

It is surprising to know that our research team give you option to be relaxed. Here are the considerable features that proven by beauty experts team.

Size and Weight

If you are planning to go for travel, definitely you are not going to carry multiple languages and a large space only for a hair dryer. However your travel hair dryer should be slim and lightweight size that you can put even at a corner of your bag.

Easy Operation

Probably you are not going to spend hour time only for drying you hair. A travel hair dryer should be easy to operate and low time consuming. However it should be operate within only few steps.

Is it Perfect For Your Hair ?

There are many kinds of hair dryer in the market, all the hair dryers are not suitable for every kind of hair. However, whether you choose the best travel hair dryer try to consider or have a trial that is it perfect for you or not.

Air and Hitting Control

Different people has different types of hair even some people can feel warm problem if the hair dryer make high levels of heat. However, you should look forward to the hair dryer which has multiple levels to control hair speed and hitting ability. With multiple functions to control hair and perfect drying power, you can use the dryer for everyone.

travel hair-dryer

Long Durable

As you are spending to buy a travel hair dryer, obviously you are not buying for a single time use. You should select a travel hair dryer which you can use for couple of years.

Availability of Attachments

Only main body of a hair dryer is fixed but you need some additional tools to ensure nonstop operation. Whether you are going to choice travel hair dryer, you should consider the items which attachments are available.

Recommended Best Travel Hair Dryers

Until coming this situation, we just discussed about different travel hair dryers and there considerable features. We think it is enough to find your right choice if you follow our given instructions. However still if you are confused due to many options, you should not take any risk. To avoid any risk to your hair you can choice one of our beauty experts team recommended  travel hair dryer.


Editor's Rating:

They say, “The more, the merrier.” Well, this is not always true.

It’s true that hair dryers with more powerful motors dry up your hair quickly as you like.

Although, the damage is equally powerful in those cases.

BaBylissPro travel hair dryer has a low power motor that ensures the safety of your hair. The exceptional thing about this hair dryer is, it’s tourmaline technology also provide you fast drying. Basically you are getting both the advantages in one product. Hard to come by, isn’t it?

Special Features:

What makes it perfect for travel is its lightweight and compact design that comes with the folding handle design. So you can carry it anywhere you want even it has proven as a travel hair dryer.


  • Attractive red color
  • Duel voltage high quality
  • Folding portable body constructions
  • Perfect for travel time use
  • Easy to pack in your bag
  • Dry faster you hair


  • Not comfortable for very long hair

Other Features:

  • Ionic technology gives your hair well needed shine after drying
  • Easy to pack because of its compact design
  • 1000 Watt motor consumes less power with full feature drying.
Ionic Dual-Voltage Trave

Editor's Rating:

Trade-off between efficiency and compact design is the biggest problem while selecting the hair dryer for travel.

You can get a hair dryer that offers limited damage to your hair but those are usually not compact and require a lot of space.

Ionic Dual Voltage hair dryer is not just a device. It is smart and very light weight. Hence the trade-off factor between efficiency and ease of handling is minimum.

Special Feature:

Its regular use gives your hair perfect volume and even add to your existing volume. The most stunning thing about this product is that it removes the negative odor from the environment and enhance your mood by giving you perfect feeling.


  • Attractive red color
  • Duel voltage high quality
  • Folding portable body constructions
  • Perfect for travel time use
  • Easy to pack in your bag
  • Dry faster you hair


  • It take comparatively long time


  • Work for reduce hair damage
  • Reduces flyaway and frizzy hair
  • Multiple functions• Attractive silver color
  • Duel voltage for operate anywhere
  • Improves luster

Other Features:

  • Ionic technology prevents the hair damage and provide the healthy dryness to your hair
  • Its 1875 Watt powerful motor helps in fast drying givr you maximum support 
  • Dual Voltage smart technology makes it a perfect product to have on your travel around the globe.
Panasonic hair dryer

Editor's Rating:

It is a beautiful hair dryer. Beautiful, I know you do not get to say this word to most hair dryers, but this product comes in all attractive gray color to make its appearance a talking point on your travel time.

However, most of the people mark this accessory as travel hair dryer because of its outstanding performance. ​

It is not just beautiful, but it is a complete hair dryer with low power consumption motor. So, the pros are piling up.

Special Feature:

This product has a turbo mode. Fast and furious is the first thing that might have come to your mind. This product is fast and furious, with its turbo mode exceeding 110 degree C warm air temperature.


  • Turbo mode functions
  • Static electricity suppression
  • Quick-drying nozzle
  • Attractive gray color
  • Multiple hitting and air level


  • Comparatively small cable to connect

Other Features:

  • It works on 110V and its 1000 Watt rating ensures less power consumption
  • It has a quick drying nozzle, which is removable
  • Ionic technology gives your hair shiny and silky appearance after drying
  • It is light weight and smart, so it is a perfect travel hair dryer
  • Works as a perfect travel hair dryer on travel time

Revlon RVDR5001 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic

Editor's Rating:

Mostly travel hair dryers are low powered, which is not a complete package in some cases.

Revlon RVDR5001 hair dryer comes with 1875 Watt motor, and guess what…? It is a travel hair dryer because of its compact design and easy to pack feature.

Special Feature:

Revlon RVDR5001 is a complete package. With its powerful motor, it also has attachments to provide you the option of different styles.


  • Work faster than others
  • Perfect for travel time
  • Dual voltage functions
  • Tourmaline Conditioning Minerals
  • Use as both Diffuser & Concentrator


  • Not perfect for commercial use

Other Features:

  • Its anti-frizz ability because of its tourmaline technology makes it perfect to get the shine and hair smoothness
  • Take it anywhere, take a trip to another continent because it is dual voltage and works wherever you go
  • No hair style is beyond your reach, because RVDR5001 offers 2 heat and 2 speed settings with a cold switch
  • It has a diffuser and a concentrator as its attachments. The folding handle makes it easy to pack and store.
Travel Smart by Conair

Editor's Rating:

Mobile phones are getting smarter, why not the hair dryers.? Travel Smart Conair Dual Voltage hair dryer is a smart hair dryer that has dual voltage technology.

However, due to its high quality performance as well as lot of unique features, facilities it has been accepted to everywhere.​

Planning a trip to Europe? Thinking about getting a hair dryer that is compatible in that region? You do not need to look any further. Travel Smart is the hair dryer that will work anywhere

Special Feature:

Plan and go. It has a compact design and will ensure you treat your hair perfectly wherever you are.


  • Dual voltage operation
  • Multiple hitting and air speed functions
  • Removable air filter
  • Easy folding for compact storage
  • Easy care and cleaning


  • It is not enough for professional use

Other Features:

  • Takes less space because of its folding handle and compact design
  • Dual Voltage technology makes sure that you use it anywhere around the globe without any external adapter
  • You get the 2 speed settings and 2 heat settings for additional flexibility in use
  • It has 1875 Watt powerful motor even in this compact design and it is very easy to clean.

Final Verdict

Travelling for business purpose or spending some time with family for holidays is a demand of pleasure. However it is important to take care of hairs even on holidays. Always it is not possible to get a hair dyer at every hotel even you should not depend on others.

In order to carry the best travel hair dryer into your travel bag is not too easy. We already have discussed that how you can find the perfect hair dryer. Whether still you are confused to choice the right one, you should not take any risk. At this case you can select one of our beauty expert team recommended travel hair dryers.

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