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The uses of a water tank for an extended time, the tank becomes hot and sometimes affects to outside temperature. Water heater blanket is one of the latest ideas to wrap heater and save energy cost as well as temperature, if you set the tank in garage or store room. If you have an old model water heater either powered by gas or electricity, there it works like magic by saving your cost up to 20%. Whether you set up the water heater in the garage, the garage temperature could be extra hot unless using the best water heater blanket.

It is sound right to use water tank blanket and enjoy its environmental and financial benefits. However, it is one of the remarkable arduous tasks to find the worth one. Whenever you visit a shop, there will be too many options with different features and characteristics. As a sensitive adjustment you should, take the decision attentively and get a perfect choice for apartment. You will be happy to know that I am going to guide you through my long years experience that might help you.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Water Heater Blanket

You shouldn't choose a water heater blanket at your first move to a shop because there are something to consider. It is one of the confusing matter due to many alternatives. However, our experts’ team has done few years research and analysis that will save half of your time. The essential features and facts as follows.

Heat Losing Ability

Using a water heater for long hours becomes hot that extra cost energy but blanket keep it cool. You should find the water heater blanket, which has maximum ability to heat holding ability. However, the thickness of sheet works to reduce the temperature.

Making Materials

The heat absorbing capacity of a water heater blanket depends on of building materials. Nowadays most of the blankets are making with cotton and fiberglass. All we know that cotton has high capability to protect temperature out. The combination of cotton and fiberglass would be great. Although some blankets has made with other fibers.

Water Heater Blanket

Perfect Size

In order to get excellent performance, the heater should be wrap up properly. Unless full cover a particular part can be extra hot if any part miss to wrap. Whether you choice the best water heater blanket, you must find perfect size to cover the whole area.


It is one of the most remarkable considerations to find a blanket which has extra depth. The protection ability mostly depends on thickness. Usually, water heater blanket thicknesses are from 0.5 mm to 5 inches based on your need. Whether you choose for commercial use, try to find the extra thick.

Recommended Best Water Heater Blanket ​

​We already have talked about water heater blankets and some considerable that you should have in mind while visit a shop. However, still if you are confused then we would suggest to buy our recommended water heater blankets.

Water Heater Blanket Insulation,

Editor's Rating:

We are too busy in finding ways to provide ease for our race in every easier possible way.

Along the way, we have forgotten that we are damaging the environment in a way we are not even imagining. Sometimes our careless activities are responsible waste of money too. 

In the longer run, we are just making this planet a very unsafe place to live in. The are many electrical appliances like water heater becomes extra hot that cost extra money and harm environment significantly. However, it is one of the best water heater blanket.

Electrical appliances are not very environmental friendly. This water heater blanket insulation is generic and fits on different heater types. It is about 5mm thick and its high standard quality can offer surety for long time use and energy reduction.

It is a non-fiber glass product and saves up to 40% of heat loss. It is a one-time investment that ensures the saving in a longer run. It can cover from 20 to 80-gallon water tanks. It is very easy to clean and install.


  • Fit for 20 to 80 Gallon Tanks
  • Perfect for gas and electric
  • Reduce Heat Loss by 40%
  • Easy to Install and cleaning
  •  Environment friendly


  • Not fitted for commercial use

Technical Specifications: 

  • Weight:2.7 pounds
  • Model/ Part Number: SJ-80
  • Size:Up to 80 Gallons
  • Thickness: 5 millimeters
  • Material: Aluminum Foil, Closed-cell Polyedthylene Foam
Nasa tech

Editor's Rating:

All the water heaters, whether solar, electric or gas operated, might give you hot water, but the energy consumption is way too much.

It elevates your electricity or gas bills and makes them a harder choice. The material used to make their water tanks is not heat insulated and in return, heat loss is inevitable.

By using Nasa Tech Heavy Duty Reflective Foam Core Non Fiberglass, you can prevent the heat loss. The water heater blanket is made with Non Fiberglass. It has no electric wires, so saves you from installation mess. It circulates the heat through your mattress and prevents the heat loss.

It is easy to operate and it gives you the option to choose the high quality wrap up your water tank. However, is also perfect to use even on a old model water tank.


  • Non Fiberglass 80 Gallon Water Heater
  • Save energy cost 
  • Heavy duty protection
  • Mildew resistant unaffected
  • Safe for the water tank


  • Not  for industrial use
Frost King Water Heater Insulation Jacket

Editor's Rating:

In winters, it is just not required not get the hot water instantly. The desirable thing is to keep the already heated water for later use.

Our water heaters might be good in heating water, but the heat loss is inevitable because of the material their water tanks are made up of.

Frost king water insulation jacket keeps your water tanks insulated and prevents that heat loss. It is extremely lightweight and only weighs up to 5.7 pounds. Dimensions of this product are 90 x 3 x 60 inches. Thickness is 3 inches that is perfect for the insulation. It’s 90 inches’ height can cover a larger water tank as well.

This water heater blanket doesn’t come with batteries but you can choose batteries of your own choice depending up on your usage. Preferably, this jacket is suitable for electric water heaters up to 60 gallon size.


  • Cover a larger water tank
  • Prevents that heat loss
  • 3 Inch thickness
  • 60 gallon size.
  • Save energy cost


  • Comparatively costly than ofthers

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • Model/ Part Number: SP60
  • Size: 90 x 3 x 60 inches
  • Thickness: 3 inches 

M-D Building Products 4663 R-6.7 Water Heater  Blanket

Editor's Rating:

We all try to run away from the mess of installation and fitting procedures when it comes to choosing the appliances.

Sometimes the products of our choice are not very compact. The attachments that product require later on, really demands us to choose something more friendly.

M-D 4663 R-67 Water heater insulation blanket is very easy to install because of the plastic. Proven results have found it to be very cost saving as well. Technically, it is very sound with the R value equivalent to 6.7. It is also very light weight, weighing only 8.8 pounds.

This water heater blanket has the size dimension of 26 x 10 x 10 inches. It comes in white color. The main reason for its cost saving trait is because it doesn’t need any battery to operate. It is shipped rolled up tight in a small bag, which makes it easy to store when not in use.


  • Very easy to install
  • Proven cost saving 
  • Oil or electric heaters
  • Fits up to 60 gallons


  • Not good for gas water heater

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Model/ Part Number: 04663
  • Size: 48 in. x 75 in.
  • Thickness: 2 inches 
ESP Low-E® SSR  Up to 80 Gallon Water Heater Insulation

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It is always easy to enhance the performance of your electronic devices by choosing the perfect attachments, and also by keeping the maintenance in progress.

ESP Low-E water insulator enhances the performance of your water heater and also reduces the bill cost up to 20%.

ESP Low-E® SSR water heater blanket has a versatile use as it can fit on most of the electric, gas and oil heaters of multiple sizes water tanks. It is very easy to install with easy cleaning options. It is nontoxic and suitable for using indoors.

It also increases the recovery rate of water tanks. This product passes multiple safety certifications such as fire tests of Class A. This product is not effected by moisture and humidity to give you nonstop performance without hurdles as a perfect water heater blanket..


  • Save up 20% energy
  • R-5 to tank performance
  • Perfect for gas and oil heaters
  • Fit for multi size tanks 
  • passes multiple safety certifications


  • Not fit heavy duty industrial use

Technical Specifications:

  • Model/ Part Number: SSR-HW80FF
  • 80 Gallon capacity 6 'X 9' of Material
  • Dog House or Chicken Coop Insulation.

Final Verdict

​Water heater blanket is an unique idea to save energy and environment. To ensure long durability and ensure energy efficiency heating cost it has been using almost everywhere. However, it is not easy to find as sound as it is hard to find. Though it has contribute significantly but difficult to manage the best water heater blanket due to many options.

We already have shown you our research and proven guidelines that might help you. However, still if you confused to get the best water heather blanket then you are suggested to select our expert team recommended water heater blanket.​

Jason Porter

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